There is a common thread running through previous games various people on our team helped to create: open worlds, strong storyline and, last but not least, realistic design. We can proudly say that the games Mafia a Operation Flashpoint were the vanguard of this approach and millions of players worldwide clearly share our view. Even if our new project is different in many respects, it is a game that is not going to disappoint fans of open realistic worlds and quality stories. We are positive we are not making this game for ourselves only but for you as well.

John Zizka at the battle of Grunwald


Mafia Mafia 2 Operation Flashpoint
Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Armed Assault UFO: Aftershock

Our team members' games sold 11+ million copies over many different SKUs.
Average copies sold per game: 1+ million.
Average gamerankings score for these titles is 72%.
Some of the games are considered to be classics that established new genres.
Multiple Game Of The Year awards for Mafia, H&D and Flashpoint.

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